Tiltman is your guarantee for a quality product developed and produced exclusively in Denmark and specifically tailored to compact hydraulic excavators. Contractors, landscape gardeners, and others who use compact excavators as a natural part of their working day will benefit from enhanced efficiency and time saved on each individual job. The inventor Torben Ulriksen is proud to present a uniquely compact and light-weight tilt unit providing the excavator with a further two tons of completely new options – e.g. a tilting function for all implements and fast tool change-overs. At Tiltman, we do our best to live up to our watchwords: quality, efficiency, and good service.

In 2008, we received an award from the ALEXANDER FOSS INDUSTRIFOND, which naturally made us very proud. We see it as recognition and appreciation of the vision we are striving to adopt at Tiltman. An award like this carries an obligation that we work hard to meet – every day.